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The Photographic Museum was created by Marie-Noelle and Tristan Bréville since 1966. By doing such an amazing job, the Museum goes beyond the conservation and preservation mission. It creates and saves the memory of a nation! Mauritius greatly needed a place to preserve its memory and the Breville couple made this a reality.. International press even described the Museum as “one of the biggest preservation work of the 20th century.” Located an 18th century building, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the creators of the Museum.

Marie-Noelle and Tristan Bréville

The Photographic Museum Founders

The contents

More than 1000 cameras! The Museum is proud to present one of the most prestigious and rare lens fabricated by Charles Chevalier for Jacques Daguerre in 1834. The biggest library of photographic literature: more than 700 books. The first book ever published on photography and written by Daguerre in 1839. We come close to a million Mauritian photographic documents. Mauritius being the first country of the Southern Hemisphere to exercise photography, the Museum succeeded in looking throughout the world for Mauritian daguerreotypes (on copper) and ferrotypes (on tin). It is believed that this Museum might possess the biggest collection in the world. One of the first buyers of a camera in the same week as cameras were introduced to the world in Paris in 1839 was a Mauritian.


Creation of the Museum

The Photographic Museum, created by Tristan and Marie-Noelle Bréville in 1966, was born from a crazy idea which can be qualified as “furious” as no one thought at that time of saving the national heritage left to the hands of heritage thieves.

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Rues du Vieux Conseil, Churchill, Port Louis

Phone: +230 211 1705, +230 5970 1440

Opening Hours

From Monday to Friday, 10 to 3 O'clock.
Closed during the weekend and public holidays.


Adult: Rs 300
Child less than 12 years old: Free

Mauritians and Residents
Adult : Rs 100
Child less than 12 years old: Free

Special Tariffs

In order to promote arts and culture in Mauritius, the Photographic Museum provides a special price for schools, associations and other local organisations. These special prices are available upon request. In this same perspective, the Photographic Museum offers a reviewed price for Mauritians and residents.

The Photographic Museum is accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Email: info@museedelaphotomaurice.com

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